Saphwat Simab

Saphwat Simab, is a sixteen year old Londoner. Saphwat’s paternal roots are in Afghanistan. In spite of his mother’s Lebanese origins and the fact that he has never been to his father’s native land, he has followed in his father’s footsteps by developing a taste in Afghan and Indian classical music. In particular, he has an interest in mastering the Afghan stringed instrument known as the Rubab. Saphwat started gaining the knowledge and skill for Afghanistan’s national musical instrument at the tender age of thirteen. The foundations for his creative experience lie with his exposure to his own father’s playing of the instrument. Soon, however, an extraordinary talent began to shine in its own right and earned him fame and acknowledgement within the musical circles where he has already become known. Saphwat has performed in the British Museum and the Royal Overseas League as well as in prestigious venues in Switzerland and Germany.
Christmas Masala 2013 at The Meeting House, Stepney

Ref: Fida