Lara Pilcher

Lara Pilcher is a professional performing artist and a trained 'triple threat' Singer, Dancer and Actress. She recently performed in Aladdin on tour. Lara is also completing her Masters in Musical Theatre with a major in Choreography at Arts Ed, London, under the presidency of Andrew Lloyd Webber and mentorship of top West End choreographer, Andrew Wright.
Lara holds a Bachelor in Creative Arts (BCA Dance), a Graduate Diploma in Education (Dance and Drama)and a Certificate II in Musical Theatre, all gained from studies in Australia. Her studies also include film and television and intensive singing training. In the year 2000, Lara founded Southern Cross Dance, a dance studio in Perth, and has been the Sydney event coordinator for Project Dance since 2003. In 2011, Lara founded London's first Project Dance event working with a broad spectrum of professional artists across the UK. Her performance work has taken her on intensive travels throughout Australia performing in Man  of  La  Mancha, Oliver  and Utopia Limited and also to Beijing and Hong Kong as a part of the arts exchange Olympic programme tour, San Francisco as a part of New Trails Dance Theatre, Dallas, Texas and New York teaching masterclasses and performing for Project Dance, South Africa, in Israel in the dance company for The Feast celebrations and also for Integrity Music. She has also worked in a wide spectrum of arts arenas from performance in dance/theatre companies to teaching classes, speaking, presenting, choreographing, television/radio appearances and performing at events.