Ustad Hanif Khan

Ustad Hanif Khan is a Mumbai-native and UK resident. Hanif Khan is in an ideal position to share classical Indian forms of music as well as create new forms of music by lending his talent to the genre of “fusion’. Christmas Masala 2013, he gave a solo performance and accompanied Saira Peter.
Hanif Khan’s musical career has taken an international route. He has performed in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. An accomplished classically trained Indian percussionist, he is a versatile performer and has accompanied Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Pandit Arvind Parikh, Ustad Nishad Khan, Ghulam Ali, Ghulam Mustafa, and El Massry Hussein, Hari Parshad Churasiya & Rajan Sajan among others.
In London, Khan has performed at the Royal Festival Hall, the Royal Opera House, the School of Oriental and African Studies, the Nehru Centre, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room & also at the Glastonbury, Womad & many international festivals.
Hanif Khan is the son and disciple of the illustrious and highly renowned master of tabla, Ustad Hidayat Khan. He has inherited a rich legacy of gats and bols (compositions) from his father under the traditional Indian Classical learning system. Since teenager, he has toured extensively in small and large ensembles. Although an accomplished classically trained tabla player, earning the respect of both Indian classical and semi classical artists, Hanif also has an expert touch for the light genres including lok geet , bhajans , folk and western fusion styles.

Currently Hanif is considered one of the top tabla players in the UK and is a regularly sought after accompanist at the Nehru Centre, Mayfair for visiting Indian artists. Hanif’s musical career has taken him across the world both as an accompanist and solo performer. This includes visits to the US, Canada, Israel, Jordan, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Spain.

Accompanist to:-
Pt Arvind Parikh (sitar) – Purcell Room
Ustadh Fateh Ali Khan (vocal) – Purcell Room
Gulam Ali (ghazal) -Queen Elizabeth Hall
Wajahat Khan (sarod) with Sinfonia Verdi – St Albans
Hariharran (ghazal) – SOAS
Nirmal Udas (ghazal) various venues – London
Ustadh Gulam Mustafa Khan (vocal) – London
Sanjeev & Karuna (ghazal) US National Public Radio – Arizona
Pt Arvind Parikh (sitar) Radio France
Ustadh Nishad Khan (sitar) private audience for Paul McCartney – India
Nicolas Magriel (sarangi) British Museum
“DHA” an Indian/ western jazz improvisation ensemble currently playing various UK venues
Sunanda Sjarma-Purcell Roompart of the AMC’s 2004 “The little Chilli Festival”
Israel – Mevaserat Festival Solo Performance
Israel – Arat Festival Solo Performance
Jordan – UN Festival of Music Petra
UK – Womad Festival accompanied Purbayan Chatterjee
Numerous Italian festivals with Indo-European Music Ensemble
Workshop/ Masterclass
Sitar accompaniment with Pt Arvind Parikh – Canada, Jordan, Leeds School of Music & SOAS
Sitar accompaniment with Ustadh Nishad Khan Victoria & Albert Museum
Mr Hanif Khan has also taught at various workshops and schools across UK.