Ustad Fida Khan

Ustad Fida Hussain Khan was born into a well known family of actors and singers in India. He had the privilege of learning under Ustad Jhanday Khan of Calcutta when he was a boy. He travelled extensively throughout India and by the time he was eight, he was already setting out on his own illustrious acting and singing career. Fida sought tutelage under Ustad Barkat Ali Khan from the Patiala Gharana in Punjab. He learnt ‘Laya Kari’ from world famous Ustad Alla Rakha Khan. He has performed with many famous classical singers including Lakshimi Shankar, Pandit Rajan, Sanjan Misra, Ustad Gulam Mustafa Khansab and Ustad Fatiala Khan from Patiala Gharana. Fida Hussain-Khan arrived in England in 1960 and pioneered the inclusion of  Asian music into UK and Europe’s artistic worlds. He is a noted harmonium player, an accomplished singer, song-writer and  poet.