A Journey through our Musical History!

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The Noor Jehan Centre (now NJ Arts) was opened in 1998 by Sir Cliff Richard OBE and since that time, has been bringing artists and audiences together to create opportunities for new initiatives, both artistic and philanthropic.

Social inclusion, aspirations for excellence and social welfare initiatives characterise artists who come to the centre such as young vocalist Sarah Francis who raised funds for Afghan refugees (2002), Zambian Aids Orphans (2004) and participated in 46664 where she met Nelson Mandela and donated money raised for the Mandela Foundation. NJ Arts has been the inspiration for arts academies such as Saira Arts Academy in Karachi and a source of practical help andencouragement to Asian youth dance troupes and choirs in London. Saira Peter, the current Director trained teams of young people to bring relief to Sindhi flood victims 2010,  took artists to visit displaced villages and, through her participation as Chief Judge in the Reality show, 'Voice of Sindh' (2013, 2014) develop artists to escape poverty and become self-sufficient.